Keeping your premises clean after lockdown

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Keeping your customers & employees safe

During the current pandemic, the UK population are all doing their bit and staying at home to protect our NHS and to save lives. There is no doubt that once certain restrictions are lifted by the government, the UK will be eager to hit the shops once more, begin to travel around the globe, visit sports stadiums, live shows and return to work.

The public will also be much more aware of the risk in spreading a virus such as COVID-19 and will, therefore, want to know that your premises are safe, clean and virus free when they visit.

Aseptic Gives Advice On Keeping Your Buildings Clean And Safe.
Keeping Your Premises Clean After Lockdown

How often should I clean my premises?

According to the World Health Organisation, there is not yet any clear data on how long Coronavirus can stay on surfaces but it is advised that it could last up to three days on harder surfaces such as metal and plastic. As public buildings most used areas are hard surfaces, such as escalator handrails and door handles, it is important to keep these areas of your premise clean all day.

There is no straight answer on how often you should clean such areas, but a general rule of thumb is that you should be continuously cleaning high-risk places such as:

- Handrails

- Door handles

- Toilets

- Tills

- Card machines

- Moving walkways

- Escalators

- Lifts

- Desks

- Computers

Use an effective sanitiser, clean cloth and gloves or a UV handrail sterilising system for moving walkways and escalator handrails to save on resource.

Can I ensure my building is free from coronavirus?

When we start to see lockdown restrictions reduced and public places begin to re-open you will still want to ensure a safe environment for your customers and employees. Keeping up cleaning routines, ensuring visitors with symptoms do not enter your premises and being generally vigilant will all help in reducing the risk of further spread and to keep your building virus free.

You will not be able to 100% guarantee that it will be but by keeping up simple things like cleaning handrails, sharing information signs about what you are doing and what your customers and employees should do, will all help keep you and your visitors safe.

Introducing the UK’s first escalator handrail steriliser system

If your premises have escalators or moving walkways then you could benefit from our innovative new cleaning system. Using UVC light, the handrail steriliser constantly cleans the hard surface removing 99.99% of bacteria all day, every day without the need of human resource.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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