What is a UVC Escalator Handrail cleaning system?

Updated: May 24, 2020

UV cleaning

UV or Ultraviolet has been used as a disinfection method since the mid-20th Century. Short-wavelength UVC light exposed on surfaces will kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. There are three main types of UV light; UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC has the shortest wavelength (between 200 and 400 nanometres) of the three which means it has the highest energy enabling it to kill germs and viruses including superbugs which have developed resistance to some antibiotics.

UVC cleaning is widely used by the medical sector to sanitise items such as surgical tools and hospital rooms. Also, more and more people are buying smaller UV cleaning systems for their home, phones and other personal goods like toothbrushes.

Aseptic Describes What A UVC Handrail Steriliser Is.
What is a UVC Escalator Cleaning System

How does a UVC cleaning system keep moving handrails clean?

Killing germs on handrails of any kind is essential for keeping the public safe from the spread of infections. Standard practice for most moving handrail sanitising is a simple cloth and cleaning product, but this takes time, effort and resource.

A UVC moving handrail steriliser is used to kill 99.99% of surface germs on an escalator and moving walkway handrails as they go round. The small unit, introduced to the UK by Aseptic Limited, easily fits onto a moving handrail and gets to work immediately, removing potentially harmful germs and viruses.

Smaller than an A4 piece of paper, this unique UVC cleaning system removes the need for cleaning escalator and moving walkway handrails by hand and will help restore consumers confidence when entering your premises.

The strong L-shaped design uses a stainless steel frame to safely house an innovative system consisting of the ultraviolet lamp, a fixed frame including a torsion spring to maintain constant pressure upon the passing handrail and a roller system to convert the rotational motion of the handrail into electricity to power the lamps. This eradicates the need for wires and direct electricity and as a result of such, the running costs are removed.

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